Project Descriptions

Project 1: Collage as Mark-Making Tool. This design project which incorporated principles of color theory, collage, graphic design and typographic principles as well as realistic drawing skills. The final pieces are rendered in colored pencil on paper, with some small collage elements.

Project 5: Self-Portrait. Students gained knowledge in human facial construction, visual measuring and proportion, value and overall drawing technique in these self-portrait drawings in graphite on paper. 

Project 3: Skull Drawings. This project focused on value rendering and foreshortening by drawing animal skulls from life in graphite on paper. Students learned to draw subtle textures and details from the surfaces, as well as practiced visual measuring in order to correctly capture foreshortened objects. 

Project 2: Still Life. This project focused on life drawing skills, proportions, visual measuring techniques as well as learning to properly site perspective. The assignment also highlighted rendering textures and acted as an introduction to shading and rendering volume of 3-dimensional forms in graphite on paper.

Project 4: Final Projects. Students demonstrated research ability by creating written project proposals, completing a project of their choosing, and presenting the final works along with a written artist statement as their final class assignment.